Ethics & Practices

ARK focuses on creating value for all stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders - based on the strong foundation of ethics that the company is built on. Wide scale support and participation from across core disciplines such as human resources, engineering, strategy, finance and quality is achieved with the proactive involvement of the top management who have led the way with strong moral discipline and the spirit to uphold it at all times.

Charter of business ethics and practices

»    Recognise that the company’s social responsibility goes beyond merely complying with laws and regulations of the areas of operations, and actively contribute towards solving various social and relevant issues of the day

»     Contribute towards the growth of the local economy by conducting business with their interests taken into consideration

»     Disclose corporate information honestly

»     Respect the cultural, religious and personality distinction of employees and effectively prevent, detect,report any misconduct and violation of law

»     Make sure that all customer data is fully protected and is not divulged to any third party under any  circumstances

»     Actively implement measures to tackle environmental issues and address the challenges they pose to
        the community



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