Crisil Rating

Backed by a strong reputation, sound financial and profitability record, and the ability to create assets of superior quality, ARK ranks among leading construction companies in South India. Extraordinary vision and an accomplished management team have enabled ARK to carve a leading place in the areas of civil engineering, construction, and project management.

ARK's projects have not just improved the quality of life for its inhabitants. They have successfully integrated global and local design, blending sophistication with values.

ARK's efforts have been duly rewarded with ARK Homes becoming Hyderabad's first and only residential project to be awarded 5 Star rating by CRISIL. Rating from CRISIL reiterates ARK's ability to deliver quality homes with clear property title, on-time completion and wonderful facilities. Adding to the trend, ARK Serene County is also awarded CRISIL 5 star rating in the year 2013.

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