CSR Activities

ARK’s buildings are not only accessible, secure, robust, and productive, but also minimise impact on the environment. To achieve this objective, ARK embraces a sustainable design model that takes into account all phases of the building life cycle. ARK’s integrated, collaborative approach enables the best possible balance of cost, ecological, communal and human benefits, while realising the confluence of the objective and function of the facility planned.

Primary objectives

  • Build environments that are comfortable, safe, and productive
  • Avoid exhaustion of resources such as energy, water, and raw materials
  • Prevent environmental degradation resulting from use of facilities and infrastructure
  • Ensure that buildings don’t affect the local ecosystems, transportation methods, and energy use Better the  energy performance of buildings and increase energy independence
  • Use water efficiently, and whenever possible reuse or recycle water for on-site use
  • Use materials that minimise life cycle environmental impacts such as global warming, resource depletion and      human toxicity

CSR Activity

ARK has always set high standards in sustainable development of communities it works in. It is committed to stand out in its societal performance, and promote social growth and good. As mentors, or by offering financial and in-kind backing, and investing time and ability, ARK is touching the lives of many.

Some of philanthropic efforts undertaken by ARK

To help people affected by natural disasters

  • Donations were made to the CM Relief fund in 2010 for the flood affected

To advance learning and education

  • Deserving students unable to pursue higher studies are extended financial assistance

To improve quality of life

  • AIDS afflicted orphans are sponsored with basic essentials like food, cots, etc.
  • Donations are made to a Blind & Deaf school
  • Medicines are distributed to the needy
  • Contributions are made to CRY Organisation, and to the ‘Make A Difference’ programme of the UNICEF
  • A room was constructed and donated to Chaitanya Seva Ashramam, Boorgula Village near Shadnagar, Mahbub   Nagar
  • Sponsored a room for Reddy’s Girls Hostel at Suryapet, A.P.
  • Clothes distribution by Mr. Ram Reddy at Nalagonda to AIDS affected children on 12th Nov 2012
  • Donated land for School at Nalagonda on 26th January, 2013 Republic Day.

To protect culture and heritage

  • Donations are made to several temples for timely renovation and maintenance
  • Trustee of ARK Foundation
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