Management and Promoters

Mr. Gummi Ram Reddy, Managing Director

ARK Builders was founded in 1989 by Mr. Gummi Ram Reddy. He continues to be the driving force behind the company’s stupendous growth from a single-man operation to a powerhouse with a formidable presence in infrastructure development, engineering, construction and contracting services.

With over 31 years of Civil Engineering experience, Mr. Ram Reddy strategically manages service innovations, implementation of core competencies, speed-to-market strategies and networking. His strength is in his ability to spot and seize opportunities, penetrate the markets with a swift turnaround and delivering beyond customer expectations. These unique value-adds have seen the company achieve an incredible growth in the last 6 years.

Ms. Gummi Sarala Reddy,  Director
Ms. Gummi Sarala Reddy plays a significant role in the evolution of the management’s style of functioning -  focusing on larger good and not just the achievement of the company’s objectives. A hardworking individual, her actions reflect and support the leader’s vision. Her open door policy and genial personality instill great confidence in employees, customers and stakeholders.

Ms.Meghna, Executive Director

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